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He's just this guy, you know!! (Apologies to the late Douglas Adams, who used this quote to describe Zaphod Beeblebrox (Z.B.)-- pithy but nice for now.) It's also very curious that although I deleted my Google profile, that WordPress remembered it and brought my precious face (circa 2008) and former website link (now removed) to life. How often the cyber-space of complicated web systems (aka the Internet) "'continue(s) to' confound or rather 'surprise and amaze as always'" said Humma Kavula to Z.B..

Canada Day 150! — A CBC Celebration Broadcast

Finally, I have hunkered down and am listening (and watching occasionally) again to the recorded broadcast that is available at  Please note that Viewer Discretion is advised. Before starting to write this blog, I discovered that the maximum or … Continue reading

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Grease (Part 1 & 3/4)

As I predicted, I would find my notes after receiving my ordered DVD of the play.  (And sure enough, I found one page of 3 panels of cursive handwriting in green ink.) Although I started twice to watch the DVD, … Continue reading

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Moroni’s Quest Fireside

You may be interested to learn that when I started writing this blog, that I had just returned back home after listening, and watching, and attending, a LIVE ‘dramatic stage and gymnasium’ presentation with LIVE music, about an upcoming Youth … Continue reading

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2017 Spring Music Concert — Lester B. Pearson High School

Sometimes, wonderful surprises creep up on you, without you realizing that they are going to be most excellent and awesome. You may be interested to learn, that I had been invited to attend this (Spring) Concert from ‘DJ’, who is … Continue reading

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Spring Concert — Sir John Franklin School

It was another amazing and fantastic year-end concert, performed by bands from Sir John Franklin School.  And interestingly, this is the last year that my daughter, Josie May, will be attending. Normally, in years past, I would record the audio … Continue reading

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Grease (Part 1 & 1/2)

It’s been a week since I attended the Forest Lawn High School Drama Department’s adaptation of the play ‘Grease’, and I am yearning and wanting to preserve my memories of the play, and especially now as I await the arrival … Continue reading

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Concours musical international de Montréal #CMIM2017

Wow! What a Gala & Awards Ceremony!! Words can not express the total impact that this competition has had on my life the last 12 days, from May 1st to 12th! It made so much of an impact, that I … Continue reading

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