Canada Day 150! — A CBC Celebration Broadcast

Finally, I have hunkered down and am listening (and watching occasionally) again to the recorded broadcast that is available at note that Viewer Discretion is advised.

Before starting to write this blog, I discovered that the maximum or auto playback of the recorded broadcast from my Lenovo SL500 laptop computer running Windows 7 and FireFox version 53.0 and Adobe Flash Player caused that certain commercials repeated themselves (and in particular the DELL EMC advertisements about hearing aids and 3D view capabilities statement – repeated at least 3 times), and then after about an hour or so, the entire program repeated itself.  I also discovered that 360 p (1549 kbps) seemed to work best, and surprisingly, the commercials stopped interrupting the program.  Anyways, it was interesting to discover this, if not for you, then at least for me (yours truly).  Useful for future reference while I still have this machine of course.

At this point of my composition and in the present and past tenses, I’m currently watching the Cirque de Soleil (Circle of the Sun) acts with wonder and amazement, especially since it has been raining on the set.  I wondered and feared the first time during the LIVE performance that someone might slip on apparatus, but fortunately, no one suffered or seemed to be put in this dangerous predicament.

Ah, where do I start with such a ‘monumental broadcast’, that was LIVE from Ottawa, and perhaps at least some of the other locations of other provinces and municipalities?

I trust and suggest that you might consider watching this high quality broadcast, and then return to this, my blog here, to compare notes and perhaps even to comment.

And here, I insert some vertical space (by placing these 2 picture images here), to give you time through space, without influencing you unduly, to watch and form your own appreciation and opinions, and then please scroll down or advance down to read my commentary and review.

And here’s my version of a slightly modified design of the logo and art work. I like this because it is symmetrical and gives a 3-D look of the folded maple leaf, while preserving the integrity of the red stripes on either end of our glorious and beautiful flag and symbols of our great nation.

Okay, so you’ve may have scrolled down or advanced your screen to be here, and now I’ve just finished watching and listening to Cirque de Soleil and Rick Mercer’s announcement of the next act.

Overall, I found that the songs and groups that were selected made an amazing mosaic and tapestry of high performance and meaningful values.

I found that during some of the groups, I laughed and cried, and wondered and then understood more fully what it means to be a Canadian, and with this rare opportunity to join in the celebration, even via the Internet, that I realized that I am thankful to live in this great country of brilliant and hopeful souls and people everywhere, who claim Canada to be home.

Whew, that was quite the long-winded sentence!

Of course, being an Albertan, I was curious to hear and see who would be performing from our beautiful, generally sunny province.  And it was Brett Kissel  who was recorded at Banff, with a host of energetic and swaying fans.  You can check out his website at  Although I had never heard of him before, being quite young – born 1990, sounds quite accomplished, perhaps one day I will meet him, maybe at the National Music Centre (

And now back to my blog mode in present and past tenses: And now, I’m listening and have listened to some of the more Elderly people, who have been doing music practically from the last 50+ years.  And, I’m guessing the names of some of the songs, based on the chorus if the announcement was not made before hand or not remembered.  At any rate, here are the big 3!!!  Please note that I may update this information to be more accurate after watching and listening to this again.

Buffy Saint Marie — Timeless — see

Bruce Cockburn — Lovers in a Dangerous Time —

Gordon Lightfoot — Every Highway, Sometimes (?), If You Could Read My Mind —  A ladies trio group performed the first two numbers, and then he, himself with band, did the last one.

You may be interested to learn that I looked up the Bios on Bruce, Buffy, and Gordon, from Wikipedia and their official websites using DuckDuckGo (an alternative non-tracking Internet Search Engine), and shared their links above.

Of course, our French-Canadian bands were excellent, and having lived in Quebec and Ottawa Valley in 1989, I have a warm place in my heart for them, especially having served as a missionary there.

And, the biggest surprise for me this time around, was the discovery, of the band who was selected to give the final song before the fireworks, that members of The Tragically Hip, were given an Order of Canada Appointment in June of this year (visit, and that the band was formed in 1983.  Their song was quite well done, with audience footage and lyrics posted on the jumbo-tron display.  And having the Prime Minister introduce them was interesting again.

And then the fireworks, of which I captured and posted along with my initial July 1st blog of It’s My NewZ (News) at

While I could go on and on, giving more and more excruciating detail, but it’s enough to end this here, because I’m an amateur blogger, who does this for fun and enjoyment and possibly with a belief that perhaps this might be good in a future portfolio.

If there are errors made here, whether spelling, grammatical, or factual, please let me know. 

Regardless, I wish you a pleasant time, and opportunity to reflect on what it means to you about being Canadian.

Peace, prosperity, and pleasantness to everyone, and thank you for reading and sharing.  And please, feel free to share and enjoy this wonderful celebration recording available through the Internet as streaming video from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation now, and hopefully, in the many years to come.






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