Concours musical international de Montréal #CMIM2017

What a Gala & Awards Ceremony!!
Words can not express the total impact that this competition has had on my life the last 12 days, from May 1st to 12th!

Screen Shot of CBC Music Blog by Robert Rowat, taken late evening, May 12th from

It made so much of an impact, that I found myself literally mesmerized at my computer screen, unable to do much else, except for rapturously listen and watch and even do YouTube Live Chat on the final night of this most prestigious and glorious event.

Screen shot of Giuseppe Guarrera (and presenter of an award) at the Gala, who was the winner of many prizes at #CMIM2007 and my LIVE YouTube chat

Even though I was not able to attend this Competition and Gala in person, thanks to the marvel of streaming Internet video with quality high speed stereo sound and realistic looking high definition moving pictures, I felt as if I was transported to almost being there emotionally.

At times, I was so engaged in capturing pictures and listening intently to the classically romantic music that was performed by some of the world’s finest young adult pianists, that I felt like I was unable to keep up to the brilliant and rapid pace of the competition in absorbing and processing its grandeur.

As an amateur, volunteer, and aficionado of classical and acoustic piano, I was motivated in promoting this event to others, so that they could also enjoy this, as much as I was enjoying it.  And what is also remarkable, is that through the YouTube channel of Concours musical international de Montréal at, one can revisit these thrilling moments of interpretation and expression through performance.

Words, of course, can not adequately express the joy that I have felt, as it was building in a ‘crescendo’ like manner, as I became more able to appreciate and listen and respect the work of the 19th Century to our ‘present day’ composers of music for the piano and also with orchestra.

I hope to write many more blogs and references to this blog, and hope that you, my dear reader, will have also discovered a treasure of fine music making here.

As I conclude this blog, I would like to close with this LIVE YouTube chat, that I participated in while I was watching the GALA.  Please visit to preview the hyper-text markup language (html) text in Microsoft Word 97/2003 document format.


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  1. Lowell Aaron Court says:

    For the names and compositions of the GALA program, before Intermission, please visit


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